Directed by: Lisa Carletta
Visuals by: 84

Agency: Creature
Production Company: Hyper Films

Photographer/ Director: Lisa Carletta
Executive Producer: Auws Al-Gaboury
Producer: Ira Giorgetti
Assistant Director: Johnny DeCroy
Assistant Producer: Phuong To

Director of Photography: Tom Walder
Director of Photography/ Op: Matt Perren
1st Ac: Ollie Cipres
Gaffer: Werner Van Pepper
Spark: Magdalena

Photography assistant: Rebecca Slatter
DIT: Barney Oates
Stylish: Adherence Assopiah
Set designer: Becky Oxland-Isles
Stylist assistant: Alexandra Sharp
Hair and makeup artist: Deanne V’lcevska
Nail technician: Stacey Bushay


number 84